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FAQ Paper Shredding

Ezy-Way Document Destruction & Shredding FAQ

1. How do I know when my confidential material will be destroyed?

We guarentee that we will destroy your sensitive documents within 24 hours of the pickup time scheduled. You will receive your certificate and notification very shortly after destruction.

2. How do you dispose of the shredded and destroyed documents?

We use the safe methods of shredding, pulping and burning your documents if necessary. Our team has a list on our website in more detail about our methods of destruction.

3. What benefits do I gain from having a regular service come to my home or business?

Ezy-Way offers Specialty Rates for those companies and individuals who request a regulated use of our service.

4. What are the advantages of having this service performed by Ezy-Way, rather than by myself?

We have the facilities and experience to be able to destroy your unwanted confidential data in a matter of seconds, whilst doing this from a home or office can take hours of work gradually shredding and emptying.

5. I’ve heard that some companies offer onsit document destruction and shredding, why doesn’t your company offer this?

We take your confidential documents away to a secure location in which we destroy them under video surveillance. Having your documents destroyed onsite can attract unwanted onlookers. At our safe location, we can monitor the entire process, making you confident in our service.

6. How can I be absolutely sure that my sensitive data and documents do not fall into the wrong hands?

All of our friendly team have been checked as per the current standards for Australia and must comply with the Company Security Policy put into place in our business. We also offer substancial insurance to keep your mind at ease.

7. Does this service involve high amounts of administration paperwork for me to fill out?

Upon making your booking, there is very little paperwork to deal with. We require a signature to your contract with Ezy-Way, and also a signature on reception of your certificate.

8. Once my important documents leave my office or home, how do I know that they will be safe?

Our vehicles are tracked at all time, and your documents are watched over via video surveillance 24/7 in our secure location.

9. Will you travel to my company in any location within Melbourne?

Ezy-Way services the Melbourne CBD daily, and we guarentee a prompt and reliable destruction service.

10. Should I remove any staples, rubber bands, paper clips or any other type of paper fastener?

Ezy-Way takes a no fuss approach, and so should you! Our up-to-date technology does not require you to remove paper fasteners of any type.

11. Will my shredded documents be recycled?

All of our shredded or pulped material and data will be recycled correctly and thoroughly.

12. What other confidential information and documentation can be destroyed by Ezy-Way?

We are able to destroy confidential paper records, electronic materials, magnetic materials and other non-electronic and non-paper data such as videos or microforms.