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Protect Secret Documents

The Paper Destruction Industry – Keeping Secrets Away From The Wrong People

Ezy-Way Security Shredding know the stress involved with keeping your confidential documents out of harms way, and we are keen to share with you some tips to make sure your information is kept a secret, both before and after their destruction!

Keeping Documents Safe

1. Have a secure filing or archiving system.
2. Know exactly where each document is within your filing system.
3. Purchase a filing cabinet that is lockable.
4. Make note of when a certain secure document is removed from the cabinet, and ensure it is replaced immediately once it is finished with.
5. Keep your filing cabinet in an area where it can be watched over.
6. Ensure all documents have a cover page, to be quickly identified.
7. Consider who will need to have access to your confidential documents; make sure they are trustworthy and reliable.
8. Do not let anyone remove your documents from the premises, and know where they are and for what purpose they are out for.
9. Never print your confidential documents off to a shared or public printer.
10. Always lock your computer before stepping away from it.
11. Keep the key to your filing cabinet on you at all times.
12. Supervise those who need access to your sensitive documents.

Destroying Documents

1. Call up Ezy-Way Security Shredding and make an appointment for pickup.
2. Organise and separate all unwanted confidential documents into boxes or have them bound togetgher on the day of the removal.
3. Keep these documents under surveillance until the paper shredding company arrives and do not leave them at any time.
4. Request to see identification from the staff at Ezy-Way Shredding – we will not mind, it is all part of keeping your documents safe.
5. Ask any questions you feel necessary regarding the destruction of your documents.
6. Ensure that you will receive a certificate of notification after the documents are securely shredded.
7. Keep your certificate as a reference – if there are any problems, this will assist you in correcting them.