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Why Security Shredding ?

Why Is Secure Paper Shredding So Important?

Homes and offices alike all possess crucial documents that contain your personal information. And the reality is that if an unwanted individual was to get their hands on your private information they could create havoc within your life.

Knowing that the documents that you no longer need to be kept in hard copy have been thoroughly and carefully destroyed will give you and your family or co-workers great confidence. So, why is secure paper shredding so important?

1. For Your Home
We all know the amount of confidential documents that you will receive over your life, and the endless amount of time you spend archiving and filing these documents away safely. However it does often come time to de-clutter and remove those documents you no longer need to possess – but the personal paper work you wish to remove cannot be simply thrown away.

The possibility of fraudulent individuals going through your trash is high enough to have any person concerned, and this is where a secure paper shredding company can take the stress away. Simply separating your unwanted sensitive documents and giving Ezy-Way Security Shredding a call can save you time and assist you in feeling relaxed.

2. For Your Business
Identity theft is a multibillion dollar industry in the current day and age; one that any company can easily become mixed up in if proper precautions are not taken when destroying or getting rid of confidential documents. The number of criminal activities involved with stolen important documents is skyrocketing – no matter how big or small your business, you are a potential target.

Companies all over Australia incur financial loses due to embezzlement and forgery. Imagine the damage it could do to your business – it is always best to take no chances when dealing with confidential information.

When it comes time for crucial documents to be thrown away it is imperative that you do so correctly. File or stack your unwanted documents in a secure place, where they can be watched over daily, and give Ezy-Way Security Shredding a ring, and we will be there when you need us, to destroy those documents safely.

Whether you need a shredding service for your home or your company, remember that anyone can be a target. Be thorough and careful with your documents, to prevent any unwanted criminal activity or attention.

Secure paper shredding and destruction is extremely important in the safety of your business or home, and the more secure the destruction of your documents, the less chance of any fraudulent activity. Ezy-Way Security Shredding are more than happy to assist you in destroying those important, confindential documents.


Every company, no matter how big or how small, contains a large amount of important documents. It is crucial that your business is protected from fraudulance of any description, and here at Ezy Way Security Shredding we know the stress and anxiety you go through attempting to protect, archive or destroy sensitive documents. We have the answer to your document destruction needs – supplying you with secure paper shredding options to suit your home or business.

Our company happily service Melbourne, and the outer eastern and western suburbs. Upon coming to visit your business, we will query the business owners or a certified individual that we are indeed destroying the correct documents. A member of our team will professionally and discretly take away your confidential items to a location monitored by video surveillance cameras, to ensure safety and confidentiality. One of our friendly staff will ask you questions in regards to your confidential documents, assessing whether they will need to be cross-shredded for maximum security. Your documents can be stored in boxes that we can return to you in perfect condition.

Our technology is up-to-date, assuring you and your co-workers peace of mind. We provide 240 litre wheelie bins and robust bags to dispose of these documents and files. In order to confirm that your paperwork is securely destroyed, an Ezy Way paper shredding truck will safely take your larger loads onboard and shred them accordingly. Ezy Way Security Shredding guarentees that we will securely assist with your document destruction and shredding, issuing you with a Certificate of Destruction after completing our job.

Our staff are dedicated and well-trained, promising you a highly reliable and prompt service, along with a friendly and positive attitude. If your business requires regular paper shredding or document destruction, we can offer you the option of special rates and discounts. Ezy Way believe in environmentally friendly destruction of documentation; recycling all of your waste. For those who require it, we can also offer the destruction of electronic and magnetic media that is confidential to your home or business.

Any home or business is prone to fraudulance and forgery, so it is important that you and your family or co-workers feel confident and celm about your important and sensitive documents. Ezyway guarentees that you will feel secure – so give us a call and we will organise a reasonable quote for your requirements.